Hello! It is a pleasure for me to answer your questions and also I believe it is important that our patients, friends, and colleagues know a little of what we do daily with the orthodontist staff. 

Let us start it! What are your main functions as an orthodontist?

My work consists of help the patient feel comfortable with his smile. We help with dental position problems.

Is your work an aesthetic task?

Orthodontics has an important aesthetic view. Because it is the work you can appreciate at simple sight. We have to know that behind that we have a great work of study, planning, and corrective functions and see the masticatory system.

Function and masticatory system? 

 Yes. The right position of the teeth is a great malocclusion friend.

This factor brings us some pain of different intensity as migraines, earache and also important some insecurities that if you do not treat on time can lead you to depression and severe pain that can even make you do not open the mouth. 

Doctor Sierra, the facts that you are telling us are very unknown orthodontics tasks. 

Part of our work is that this does not happen. Our profession also has a didact function. We provide the patient with proved it scientific information so the patient knows and understands the importance of taking care not only of his teeth position but also the right masticatory position. 


Interesting Ana, and a great responsibility too!

It is a shared responsibility. In some cases, we work hand to hand with our directors and maxillofacial surgeons in GBCOM. Doctor Jorge Caubet and Doctor Morey.  

We many patients we have to do an integral treatment and for that, we count with the assistance of our dear workmate and expert physical therapist Inés Caballer Casas.


By your comments, I understand the clinical approach to cases is personalized. How you organize to reach the best result?

The preview study and planning is an interesting treatment phase. For good coordination, we established work meetings of the problem to solve. 

These team meetings have great value and we have it in our normal work protocol. 


Thanks, Ana, for your interest in your profession and GBCOM patients. What other interests you have?

 I love to travel! Any excuse is a good to take a flight to anywhere in the world and fill yourself with good experiences. And another hobby is reading. I go frequently to the movie theater and I love gastronomy. Taste new and different flavors is a pleasure.


You have amazing interests in life. It is a pleasure to meet people like you! Is important to have a balance in our personal and professional life. 

 You are right, I like to think that if I am well with myself, I would be well with my patients, workmates, and society. Only there, I will be able to give all my effort.


That’s right! You tell me in a moment that one of your hobbies is read. Can you recommend a book?

 Of course, it is hard to choose but if I have to choose a book is “La buena tierra” by Pearl S. Buck. 

Preparing my last trip to China I met this book and I love it. 

His story took me back to China before the Mao revolution, where the living conditions of the majority of the population of this great country were painful, extremely harsh.

Only by understanding the history of a society or country can you connect with the people who inhabit it.


China is a country with an ancient culture where traditions have tremendous weight. Now that we know you are a first-class traveler, what would be your favorite destination?

 Thank you very much (Ana blushes). I would choose a place where I find extensive and diverse gastronomy. I would go back to China!


If you had to give the most value to something about all your interests, what would it be?

I think of two very important things in my life. First in my family, and second in my friends. They are both an essential part of my life, they are a very active part in all my triumphs and great support in those moments of weakness.

I have a great fortune with my family and friends, they are always close to giving me good advice, unconditional support or an earful if is necessary.


If you could spend more time on something in particular, what would it be?

As I told you before, I love to travel and whenever I do I am left with the feeling that I still have a lot to experience, see and enjoy. It would be amazing to be able to travel without a time limit.


Ana, what did you want to do when you were little?

I was not sure, I have two great examples that are my parents. As a child, I wanted to be a biologist like my father or a nurse like my mother.

I grew up involved in their dedication and daily effort to do your job well. So well, I did not dedicate myself to any of the two professions that I am talking about, but they were my example to follow.

You are not a biologist or a nurse, but you are certainly a great orthodontist. As I mentioned, I know that your work is exceptional Ana.

Let’s go back to your work within GBCOM, what would be the main message you want to transmit to your patient daily?


Day by day I remind my patients that mouth care is very important, but above all that they lose their fear of the dentist. It is important to let them know that both the care and the visit to the dentist can be extremely kind and very important to have a full social life and excellent oral health.


Ana, thank you very much for dedicating all your passion for patients, although it is true that some come nervous to the office, what do you think would be the strong point of GBCOM orthodontics?.

GBCOM is not a regular dental clinic. As you know, being led by oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we are very used to dealing with really complex cases.

For example, require orthognathic surgery, have a really attractive component for me as an orthodontist and is that the evolution is frankly satisfactory and overwhelming.

I feel that belonging to the GBCOM team facilitates access to these complex cases, which undoubtedly sets us apart (differentiates me) from my colleagues who carry out their clinical work in other places.


Would you discard some work as the most complicated ?.

The most difficult thing is to motivate patients to be patient. Orthodontia provides great results, but it takes time.


To finish, you can share what would be your main motivation at GBCOM?.

My main motivation is the satisfaction of a job well done.

Congratulations Ana for your motivation but above all for the work you do within GBCOM. It is always a pleasure to meet passionate professional people like you who care for and care for their patients.