Hello Erica, first of all, thank you for giving us the time for this interview. You are the member of the staff that has more time working in GBCOM, and an important professional for the good development of the clinic work and surgery the team makes. 

Good afternoon! It will be a pleasure to answer all your doubts. My job consists of preparing the surgery area and give the best assistance in oral surgeries and maxillofacial surgery.

 I understand, what factors do you have to take care of to prepare the surgery field?

Prepare the surgery area is really important because it makes easier the work of the doctors and surgeons. Every medical treatment requires specific equipment. That’s why before surgery I have to evaluate the work schedule. In this way I can be a step ahead in the necessities we might have. 

And that’s the way, as I told you minutes ago, we reduce the time and the stress conditions decrease. 

Thanks, Erica. You have important duties because without that preparation things would not turn out as they should.  

During the operation, I have to be mindful of the surgeon’s necessities. It is important to highlight that all the surgeries and patients are unique and “original”. With no doubt, they are some working patterns but each individual is different.


Talk to us more about your personal life. What are your interests?

Not a problem! Besides taking care of our patients, I am passionate about emotional education oriented to kids. 

Also, I practice a lot of sports, believe that it is important. I have always in mind the roman poet phrase “mens sana in corpore sano”.

For last but not least, I love interior decoration, this is my secret hobby. Look how beautiful is my house!


Surprising! Every single detail has been thought, right? You have an interesting and healthy life.

Yes, I am obsessed with the details of my professional and personal life. The Doctors Caubet and Morey insist us on that and I agree. The difference between things is based on details.


Aside from this, do you have a favorite book?

Yes, I have reread “Mutant message down under” written by Marlo Morgan. It is a play, that the author describes as his pilgrimage in the Australian desert. It is a challenge that maybe I would like to do someday.


 Excellent recommendation Erica. Besides this, do you have a favorite destination? Or a place you want to travel again? 

 For the moment I do not have a particular place, but if I have to decide now, the first thing that comes to mind is to be in contact with nature, could be near the beach or mountains. I love to breathe fresh air and feel calm.


You are a patient and caring person. You transmit security and calm.

 Thanks! You need to have it from the inside. 


If you have to assign your priorities in the level of significance, what would be the most important?

 My family, they are my reason in life. 


If you can spend more time on something in particular, what would be?

As I said previously, the most important is my family and then nature. So if I have more time, definitely I will spend quality time with my family on the beach or a field trip to a mountain. Enjoy those peaceful moments. 


 Erica, what do you want to be as a child?

I think in GBCOM we all share this passion for what we do. Since I was I young girl I love to help and assist others, always dream to become a nurse. Give assistant is what I like the most, and feel comfortable with. 


Thanks for not forget your workmates. It is a fact that your work in GBCOM is important so, can you give a message to your patients?

 My purpose is to transmit confidence and security. I always act with professional high standards and kindness, this established a difference. Like my team, we all work to give a great service. 


Can you tell us, what is the difficult part of your job?

They are a lot of years of learning and improvement. So I do not identify a difficult duty. If I have to mention one would be the stressful moments, but we always resolve it in the best way and keep on.


Thanks, Erica, It is great you seem it that way. To finish, what is your main motivation?

 What motivates me the most is first of all my kids and in second place my willingness to learn and be better each day.



 Yes, it is never enough you need always to update your expertise. I learned I lot from my team and also from my patients.


We are really thankful to spent this time knowing you, see you soon!

 It is my pleasure to share this time with you. At this moment, I have to prepare the surgery room for a zygomatic implant operation. We are pioneers and experts in this advance oral surgery!


We are sure will be a successful surgery.