Hello Valentin, first of all, thank you for giving us the time to do this interview. Talk to us about your job, what you do on a daily basis and responsibilities you have. 


Hello, for me is a pleasure to answer all your questions! My work in GBCOM consist to provide patients care service and support the doctors in some tasks.

To be a little more specific, I give support in the surgery room. 


Thanks Valentin. It is a true pleasure to see you working. You do it with the precision and coordination of the machinery of a watch!

Talk to us please, what is your interest for? Speaking about the backing you give to the team.  

Thank you, It is now a lot of years we have working together and when we are in the surgery room, I understand what I have to do with a simple wrist movement of Doctors Morey or Caubet.


It is a really great point of view and your description is about a great reader. Do you have a favorite book?

 Of course, my favorite book is “El Ultimo Caton” written by Matilde Asensi a Spanish writer. This book tells the story and mysteries of stolen Veracruz fragments that happened in Spain.


Interesting Valentin! And talking about favorites… if you have to choose one destiny in the world, what would you choose?

Let me think… I do not have a favorite destiny, I think that every single place in the world is worthy of the visit. 


What is the important thing for you, above all?

Family is the most important, I can count on them forever. They are my life team.  


Seeing the wallpaper of your cellphone I could imagine an answer like the one you give us. 

It is a really nice picture, right? It is from this summer with my family, here are my little kids in Palma’s downtown.  


If you can spend more time in another activity, what will be that?

I would love to learn to play the guitar is an instrument I have always liked. Also, learn to play padel or have some photography lessons. 


Valentin, what do you want to be as a child?

I have always liked to help people, it is important for me to be helpful. Since I was a kid I want to be in the army. So I did military service for my country and now I continue with that task in the health area. 


Asking again about your job in GBCOM, What is the principal lesson you want to say to your patients? 

 We are always here to help you!


Can you tell us, what is the difficult part of your job?

 Every patient is different, that requires a lot of attention in every specific need they might have. I do not know the difficulty level but knowing how to resolve it makes me proud. 


We repeat it again, what interesting answers you gave us. 

To conclude this wonderful interview, what is your motivation in GBCOM?

My biggest motivation is to give support to my work team. I am honest when I say that we have an incredible staff. It is a pride and a responsibility to be part of GBCOM.