Hello Neus, How are you? Thank you for the time you are giving us today between your patients’. As you may know, we love to know a little more about you, the Clinical team of GBCOM.

Please tell us, What does your work consist of?

Good morning, I am grateful for you being interested in listing to us in this special way and also I am very happy that our patients will get to know how our team works. My function inside this team on GBCOM, consist on serving our patients and making their way to the medical consultation with one of our coworkers, it can either be Doctor Caubet or Doctor Morey, Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons with reference in Palma or with their team of dentists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists or periodontist and also when the situation requires it I assist on surgeons too.

Congrats Neus! You have a multidisciplinary profile. Also, personally, I believe that welcoming each of the patients is very important and is always well valued.

Exactly, many patients come with fear to the dentist. In many ocasions, I am the first person they see when they come into the clinic, but also the one that says goodbye until their next visit. Are you aware of the support system we offer? 

Sure I did, I was able to inform myself reading through your website. Tell me all the details.

On GBCOM we always give the extra mile. We are aware that we live with tight schedules and many of our patients most come just for surgeries, also in our beautiful island, Palma de Mallorca lives many people displaced because of vacations or employments and means that they need to stay separated from their families for a certain time. We know that the first moments after a surgical intervention are very important, we are very sensitive in this matter, and that is why we offer a service of accompaniment to our patients home. And of course, we can also go pick them up at their home if they need it.

Thank you for making the patients feel so comfortable, Neus. Such a human part or your job! Besides your interest in keeping a good environment in the clinic, what other personal interests do you have?

Since I was a child I am a good listener and also good keeping with conversations (Neus laughs). I would like to mention that I love to travel, I am interested in our patients’ lives and I enjoy listening to them.

Besides that, I like to read and I do it on my spare time, when I have a chance I practice sports, I feel that it is very beneficial to exercise for your health and also to feel good about myself.

Excellent, I agree with you that vital balance is essential. You mentioned that you like to read, Can you recommend us any particular book?

Sure! I always recommend ¨ The yellow world¨ by Albert Espinoza. This book talks about all the people that come across our lives and that only with a nice conversation can change our lives.

 ¨The yellow world¨ talks about believing in your dreams and about what we feel but keep for ourselves. It is a self-help book and I love it.

Nice recommendation! We love that you talk about the book with such joy.

Besides reading, you said that another personal interest is traveling. Do you have any favorite places that you would like to travel to?

With any doubt, Cuba. I would go back without thinking it twice.

You have already visited the island of Cuba?

Yes, I am in love with the Beautiful Beach in Varadero, And La Habana, Nice city, Colorful, Vibrant, Musical, decadent and very happy, People are very friendly.


Neus, you are very happy!

Thank you so much! ( Neus laughs again), I want to give always the best of me. My best attitude and my best smile. And that is very important to me.


Thank you. If you would need to pay the most attention to one of your interests, which one would it be?

My family is the most important for me. Even if I had a good or a bad day I always count on my family. They are my constant support.


If you could dedicate more time to something in particular, what would it be?

Traveling to get to know new places, new people and cultures. I would take my daughter with me so I can show her our world. Being able to share this passion of mine with her is an aspiration that I will realize very soon.


Neus, When you were a kid what did you wanted to dedicate your life?

I always wanted to become a nurse, help the patients is what I like the most. I believe that’s the reason I love my job.


We realize that you really like your job, Congratulations again for that! In addition to the great patient service, what other messages you like to share day by day?

GBCOM has two centers in Palma de Mallorca: GBCOM 45 AND GBCOM 64.


GBCOM 64 offers integral dental services but GBCOM 45 offers maxillofacial surgery services, oral and very advanced dental implantology. Here, doctors face cases that are often complex and require very special studies.

Usually, our patients feel some sort of fear or insecurity, I make sure to remind them that on our hands we have their health and wellness and that we deal with that every day of the year.

So, I feel passionate about being able of transmitting the security that we offer here, make them know that they are in the best hands and that there is nothing to worry about.


Thank you Neus! What would be the most difficult part of your job?

I would say that there are no difficult duties in my job. The big challenge focus on paying close attention to moments of high tension. But being part of this team so united like the one we have here, in any unforeseen event, we act together to resolve it, and we always succeed.


And to close this wonderful interview, What is your principal motivation here at GBCOM?

 In addition to our patients, like I said before my biggest motivation is my family, but especially my daughter. She is the one that makes me give all my enthusiasm in GBCOM.

Neus, thank you so much for your answers

Thank you for coming and sharing with the patients the strong team we have at GBCOM.