Operating Room

GBCOM has its own surgical area. If you are particularly sensitive, you can request an anaesthetic that is specially adjusted to your needs.

 At GBCOM we have our own surgical area accredited by the Department of Health for performing surgery under sedation, and we perform the majority of our operations in this area; however, as we are located in a hospital environment, we are also able to treat patients with special requirements and guarantee the maximum level of safety and comfort for them.

We have professionals who are specialists in treating people with high-risk illnesses, such as patients with cancer, heart conditions or mental conditions, and we have specially adapted spaces for them. Our aim is to ensure the success of all our operations and cause as little inconvenience to the patient as possible.

If you are nervous about receiving treatment to the face or mouth, don’t worry – you have the option to request an anaesthetic that is adjusted to suit your needs.

At GBCOM 45, we have spaces for surgery, physiotherapy, dentistry and x-rays.