Our GBCOM clinics are located at Avenida de Picasso number 45 and number 64 in Palma de Mallorca.

The continuous commitment to technology and training in the latest techniques in conservative dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery has positioned us as the best medical and dental option in Palma de Mallorca.

Sterile hospital environment

GBCOM was founded in 1997 and the hospitality of our directors, Dr. Caubet and Dr. Morey, has always established a hospital-inspired sterilization protocol, a place where they do a large part of their medical activity since 1992, Hospital Son Durette in Palma de Mallorca.

Here you can find out the Patient Safety Procedures and also the general clinical sterilization measures in our health centers.

Besides, we make public all the security measures and sterilization of the team that make the medical and dental activity of the GBCOM clinics in Palma de Mallorca.

Latest technology at GBCOM

We combine the latest technology and the preparation of the medical team in its management.

Investment in technology is constant. We invest a lot of financial resources in constantly updating our equipment and control software.

All members of the team of our clinics receive continuous training to learn how to use the latest technologies.

List of available technology

Learn about the different technologies we have at GBCOM clinics. Operating room accredited by the Ministry of Health with “clean area” and “dirty area”.

  • CBCT
  • Orthopantomographer.
  • Radiovisiography.
  • Intraoral scanner.
  • Clinical teeth whitening lamps.
  • Conscious sedation.
  • Parametric monitor.
  • Apex locator for endodontics.
  • Turbines, contra-angles, and high-precision dental micromotors.
  • Oxygen tank.
  • Automatic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Equipment (CPR).

General clinical sterilization measures

Learn about the general sterilization protocols that we have applied since the opening of the first oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic in Palma de Mallorca:

  • Cleaning of surfaces in the operating room and cabinet after each intervention.
  • All clinical material is for single use and is immediately sterilized and sealed in sterile bags.
  • Daily cleaning of clinics with industrial disinfectant materials.
  • Hydroalcoholic solution dispensers.
  • Surgical soap for surgeons.


You can find out all the details of our facilities by visiting our patient services page.

  • Conscious sedation system.
  • General anesthesia service.
  • Access for people with reduced mobility.
  • Parking.
  • Free Wifi connection.
  • Complimentary coffee and herbal teas, press.
  • Patient support service.
  • Television in the dental cabinets.
  • Treatment financing service.
  • Complimentary toothbrush and brush.


We were born in GBCOM 45, it is the clinic that has seen us grow and the main stage of our stories, successes, and joys.

The GBCOM 45 clinic is located on Picasso 45 avenue in Palma de Mallorca.

It presents a completely sterilized hospital environment, ideal for performing simple and complex surgeries with the maximum guarantees of sterilization and patient safety.

Also, GBCOM 45 has a specialized physiotherapy room, several dental cabinets, waiting rooms, and an X-ray room.

Surgery room

Physiotherapy room

Dental Cabinets


We have grown! In October 2019, we successfully inaugurated the GBCOM 64 clinic located on Avenida Picasso 64 in Palma de Mallorca, opposite its sister GBCOM 45.

GBCOM 64 is dedicated to conservative dentistry, providing the following dental services:

  •       Oral implantology.
  •       Dental prostheses.
  •       Periodontics.
  •       Invisible orthodontics.
  •       Braces.
  •       Endodontics.
  •       Pediatric dentistry, children’s dentistry.
  •       General odontology.


This dental center represents a great commitment to the future of our directors, Dr. Caubet and Dr. Morey.

 Within a modern design framework, simple lines and open spaces. GBCOM 64 provides unique health and dental service.

Front Desk

Dental Cabinet

Waiting room