The GBCOM team of dentists is made up of internationally trained professionals who have stood out for their excellent clinical work and the preparation of their specialization by the best.

The GBCOM team of dentists is divided by specialties, including Conservative Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and we like to deal with patients with special needs.

All dental implantology and dental prosthesis treatments are always carried out in the GBCOM 45 surgery room, where hospital protocols for clinical sterilization and hygiene are valued to guarantee the safety of our patients and team.

Know the curricular experience of the dental team.

Dra. Marina Muñoz 


  • Licenciada en Odontología por la Universidad de Valencia  promoción 2003, Premio Extraordinario de Carrera.  
  • Máster Universitario de Prostodoncia y Oclusión por la Universidad de Valencia.   
  • Título de especialista en Endodoncia por la Universidad San Pablo, CEU.   
  • Título de experto en prótesis sobre implantes por la Universidad de Valencia.  
  • Diploma en Estética dental por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  
  • Miembro de Sociedad Española de Prótesis Estomatomatológica.  
  • Miembro de grupo científico y médico ITI Straumann.

Dr. Guillermo Julià 


  • Degree in Dentistry. International University of Catalunya, UIC, Sant Cugat, Barcelona. 2004-2009
  • Erasmus scholarship 2008. Université de Genève, UNIGE, Geneva, Switzerland. 
  • Masters in Buccofacial Prosthetics. Complutense University of Madrid, UCM, Madrid. 2009-2011
  • Diploma in Clinical Implantology from the Complutense University of Madrid. 
  • Member of the Spanish Society of Dental Prosthetics.

Dr. Ana Sierra


  • Degree in Odonotology. 2006 Universidad de Barcelona.  
  • Master in Ortgoncist in Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona 2009- 2011 . 
  • Course orthognathic surgery, San Sebastián 2013- 2014.
  • Postgrate FACE de Ortodoncia Avanzada Multidisciplinar, San Sebasitán 2017- 2018 (congresses center Osteoplac). 
  • Certificated by Invisalign. 
  • Member of  La Sociedad Española de Ortodoncia. 

Dr. Núria Galmés 


  • Degree in Dentistry from the University of Barcelona, 2006-2011.
  • Masters in Integrated Dentistry for Adults (University of Barcelona) 2011-2014
  • Clinical residence at the Department of Advanced Periodontics at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (USA). 2014
  • Affiliated member of Spanish Society of Dental Prosthetics  (SEPES)
  • Affiliated member of Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration (SEPA)

Dr. Neus Bezares 


  • Degree in Odontology. Alfonso X El Sabio University.. 2007-2013.
  • Master in Protesis.
  • Implant and prosthetics.. Universidad Europea of Madrid. 2013-2015.
  • Radiodiagnosis facilities management. COEM. 2013.
  • Sociedad Española de Prótesis Estomatológica y Estética Member (SEPES).

Dr. Cristina Bonet 

Pediatric dentist 

  • Degree in Odontologist.. Universidad de Barcelona (UB) 2008.
  • Master en Ortho pediatrics.. Societat Catalana de Ciències Mèdiques 2011-2012.
  • Course of Aesthetics Previous Composites and stratification technique. 2016.
  • Intensive course of Oral Rehabilitation and Occlusion. DATO. 2016.
  • Advanced course in Endodontics. Dr. Canalda. 2015.

Dr. Sebastián Cifre 


  • Degree in Dentistry from the European University of Madrid (UEM). 1996-2001. 
  • Masters in Periodontics from the University of Barcelona (UB), 2005-2008.
  • Expert Qualification in Periodontics from the European University of Madrid (UEM) and Periodontics Clinic (October 2003 – June 2004).
  • Advanced course in Oral Surgery at the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of La Habana.
  • Theoretical and practical advanced course in Endodontics from the Institute of Higher Education for Dentistry (IESO), September – December 2003.

Dra. Ana Martí


  • Degree in Odontology. Universidad de Barcelona, 2015. 
  • Master in Integrated Adult Dentistry. Universidad de Barcelona, 2018. 
  • Clinical stay at the Department of Advanced Periodontics – University of Southern California, USA. November 2018
  • University Diploma in Periodontology. Universidad Complutense, Madrid. 2018