Ortognathic surgery

What is Ortognathic surgery? 

With orthognathic surgery we are able to move the jaw to an appropiate position. In this way we improve the aesthetics and provide an ideal masticatory function with which an improvement in overall health is undoubtedly obtained. 

In many occasions dentofacial deformities involve other disharmonies of the nose, chin, cheeks or lips. Our surgeons are able to make complete or partial improvements in facial aesthetics.

Who does this surgery?

This type of surgery can only be performed by doctors in oral and maxillofacial surgery and it is indicated in those patients who, in order to correct their problems, cannot only be treated with dental orthodontics.

In our GBCOM45 clinic located on Picasso 45 Avenue in Palma, orthognathic surgery is mainly performed by its founding partners: the maxillofacial surgeon Miguel Ángel Morey and the maxillofacial surgeon Jorge Caubet.


What problems does the ortognathic surgery correct?

The most frequent problems corrected by orthognatic surgery are those of small and delayed jaw, large and advanced jawam delayed upper jaw, open bite, elongated upper jaw and maxillary asymetry.