Patient safety measures

Sterilization general protocol

We take hygiene and clinical sterilization measures very seriously.

In the provision of a health service, the protocols that we establish in our dental clinics in Palma de Mallorca are unbreakable.

The main security measure that we take is the collection of data through a questionnaire or clinical checklist through which we know the health status, concerns, and pathologies of the patient.

This questionnaire or clinical checklist is reviewed both at the reception by our customer service team who will digitize the data and later, after clinical intervention, a second review or double-check occurs in the cabinet or surgery room.

“I go to the clinic to have a dental extraction and I am surprised by the number of protection procedures that are implemented: surgical drapes, medical scrubs, gloves, isolation screen, clinical mask, etc … This gives me peace”.

Miguel Fernández Castro

GBCOM Patient

Individual sterile patient protection kit:
  1. Surgical mask.
  2. Hydroalcoholic disinfectant solution for cleaning hands.
Individual sterile protection kit for the patient in the surgery room:
  1.       Medical shoe covers.
  2.       Surgical scrub cap.
  3.       Surgical drapes.
  4.       Surgical scrubs.